About Us

We are UK based Money Transfer Company, fully registered with FCA and regulated by HMRC.

WELCOPME TOHazarbuz Exchange

The expensive ways of remitting money Internationally especially to Afghanistan is what made us build Hazarbuz Exchange, we wanted to do something unique and support people with their remittances abroad to their loved ones, friends and family.

Build a service, where money can be transferred fast and smoothly without any complications but with the added advantage of no extra charges and fees like the others do. And as a fully regulated business, it is our duty to ensure that all data is protected and in place so there is no compromise and the experience remains fabulous throughout each and every time.

With the team experienced in Money Transfer, Banking and Finance for over 4 years we have come together to build a strong and efficient network for all customers by doing what is right for them.

And we are still going and going, improving it on a daily basis.

Hazarbuz Exchange is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Registration Number 780775.
Registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales Company No: 10741180.